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City Palace, Udaipur

UdaipurThe city Palace Udaipur is like a fairytale palace. It combines elements of Chinese and European architecture and has a number of turrets, domes and arches to form a fascinating sight. The palace is made of granite and marble and is built on a raised height and encircled by ramparts. Overlooking Lake Pichola, the City Palace Udaipur was built by Maharana Udai Singh of the ruling the Sisodia clan.

The City Palace Udaipur is a heritage building, which showcases the finest elements of Rajput culture and the arts. The spectacular buildings within the City Palace Udaipur are influenced by European and Chinese architecture and are amazing in the range and aesthetic beauty of their artwork. The entrance to the Palace complex is through the 'Elephant Gate' or the 'Hathi Pol.' The Jagdish Temple where Lord Vishnu is worshipped can be seen here. The 'Great Gate' or 'Bara Pol' is the entrance to the first courtyard. There are marble arches, an elephant fighting arena and many gardens within the palace complex.
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The rooms within the palace are beautifully decorated and painted.

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